Identical People

One thing that I’ve noticed more than ever during my travels this month, is that people all over the world really are the same.  They look the same.  They react the same.  I’m not saying that every person is identical, but instead that there are “types” of people that can be found across all nationalities.  I’m convinced, simply by observation, that there really are only 5 or 6 “looks”- 5 or 6 ways that people look.

There’s the long face, the short face, the round face, the square face, the old face…

Then there’s the short and heavy, short and skinny, tall and heavy, tall and skinny, and somewhere in-between.

I can’t tell you what the average white guy looks like, or African or Asian Guy.  After seeing tens of thousands of people over the course of a few days, we all just look the same.  There is not much variety or difference between members of the human race.

And so what is this about diversity?  We get upset about the same things, we listen to music on headphones the same, we like to sit and have a drink of coffee or tea or water or alcohol.  When we call loved ones from the airport, the conversations don’t sound much different than anybody else’s.  In fact, love is so much an important part of the human experience that it is universal.

I watched people walk.  The tall people all walk the same way.  The pretty girls all walk the same way.  The old white guys all walk the same way.  And altogether, they all walk the same way.

I guess what I’m getting at, is it became very difficult for me to tell anybody apart.  After a while, I could see that somebody was asian, but they engaged the world no different than the black guy or the white guy.  I could see somebody was Muslim, but they were just as playful as somebody else wearing a cross and joking around with his college buddies.

Truth be told, I can’t tell white people apart either.  There is a sea of humanity that we all live in with all our hopes and dreams, pains and triumphs.

In the sea of people I encounter while traveling, I realize, there’s nothing at all different about any of us.  We literally are all the same.  We literally have the same values, the same love for humor, the same kindness and occassionally the same complaints about the same things.

So why is the chasm so wide between us?  Why is there war?  Is it really about people?  Is it really about customs?  Is it really about religions?

Or is it about Satan, who turns one against another?

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